Sisters of Mine

.....sisters walking in unity

Sisters of mine,
My support beams
Of light.
You feed and nourish me,
Bring me to wholeness;
To live in my fullness.

In your hands
I blossom in self-love;
Throw myself into the winds
Of this journey’s song

Near and far,
I feel your presence.
The unspoken connection,
An essential, indispensable life force.

I extend my gratitude to you.
I place my hand in yours
That I too can support and hold you.

This is the story of women
Unbound by time.
We open our hearts to one another.

Step with me into the haven
Of that red, velvet womb.
My heart, abundant with the blessings
That your sisterhood brings.

This token I offer
Without shame or fear.
Trusting you will hold it close,
That it will bring you sustenance
When you need it
And joy when you can revel in it.

This – a token of my love and longing.

One thought on “Sisters of Mine

  1. An emanation from the MuseSpace, written back in January 2012 at a session with my writing group.

    A guided meditation led us into the MuseSpace. This is what I wrote immediately after the visualisation:
    I was taken into the red velvet cushioned space in my heart centre, relaxing so deeply that I became that red velvet cushion – my body softening and yielding at the edges, becoming thick and full.
    And what did I find there? What story arose? A story of women, the women around me in my life – the sisterhood of women whose connection nourishes and feeds me. The connection to a network of empowered, awakened sisters. The gifts we give each other and the strength I gain from those connections. It grows in me, flowers into self-love, the capactiy to nurture, creativity and compassion.
    There are certain women in my life, who may be physically near or far – who feel the power of this connection too – and right now it feels like an essential, indispensable life force. I feel their presence in my life, like support beams. I want to reach out and extend my gratitude to them.
    Perhaps this is what I will create – a poem that I can send to the women in my life to express this.


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