Writing is my way to express, explore and unveil. It is my deep love.

I am Roshnii Rose.

I was born in London, England in 1982. I now live in a verdant valley in Central Portugal with my beloved husband, Prem, and our three lively children.

My first written story dates back to when I was five years old. These days, I continue to turn to my journal as a space for reflection and a source of inspiration and direction.

Through workshops and groups, I work with human beings young and old to express their innate creativity through the written word. I also contribute my work to Medium.com.

Alongside family life and precious moments writing, I support women through pregnancy birth and early motherhood as a doula and am part of the Portuguese home birth movement, Uma Mãe Nasceu.

I hope you enjoy what you read here. Feel free to leave your comments.

“You know you are a poet when writing is your medicine.”

~ Sara Marques


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