Question Mark

Thirty-one and a half weeks (by Roshnii)

Wanted to pop it out
on the page:
Perfectly formed.
But it takes time
and patience
to slowly shape it
into something
rhythmic and whole.

Two minds,
two hearts,
two bodies.
A spark,
A beginning.

A tunnel of love:
Walls of nurture,
studded with jewels,
spiked with fears,
A ceiling of trust and knowing.
Enter a maiden
Emerge a mother
Body grows into shape of woman.

And you,
a question mark
curled around a beating heart;
A mystery,
a new start
Evolving in the deepest part
of my belly.

You lie, you turn
you kick, you swim.
Your limbs draw lines
inside my skin.

Awaiting the sweet taste
of your arrival.

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