Sisters of Mine

.....sisters walking in unity

Sisters of mine,
My support beams
Of light.
You feed and nourish me,
Bring me to wholeness;
To live in my fullness.

In your hands
I blossom in self-love;
Throw myself into the winds
Of this journey’s song

Near and far,
I feel your presence.
The unspoken connection,
An essential, indispensable life force.
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Fat Drops


The muggy afternoon invites the evening in
For its release

Heavy, ripe clouds long to burst
And spill their pearly fruits
On the city.

Thirsty soil and twitching grass.
Eyes search the darkening sky,
Wondering when the showers will come.

Until the low rumble,
The spitting and spotting
Of fat drops on the pavements

Becomes a gushing monsoon
That washes the sweaty heat
Into the gutters

Leaving the smell of hot wet roads
And damp leaves dripping.

Chasing a Canal

C&O Canal by Sandcastlematt on Flickr

As I walked up Gray’s Inn Road, the rain came down in thick streams. The dampness working its way through the inadequate jacket that I had borrowed from my Mum’s coat rack.

I heard a slap and looked down to find the box of overpriced, organic salad that I had bought at the train station had fallen through the bottom of the paper bag, its contents of grated beetroot and carrot spilling on the paving stones.

I was late. I was hungry. The baby strapped to my chest had raindrops running down his cheeks. And, I was on my way to have root canal surgery for the second time in a week.


Heavy swing of doors
Shoes squeak on lino
Low buzz of voices
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