Category: stream of consciousness

Shamanic Wandering

July 5th, 2008

Shadows fall on the ground Draw dark lines Across the children’s faces Like tribal markings of holy men Who crouch over a fire Stirring worries And thick magic Into a spewing bubbling pool Of liquid lava. Their eyes flash like fireflies In the darkness And draw out the spirits of the dead From the leaf […]


June 26th, 2008

Like a cocoon of silk Wrapped in jewels Her hair Wisped in the wind A shell curled round a string Like a forgotten thing A talisman Of ancient wonderings

She waited

February 2nd, 2008

She waited. As one can only do when one is alone and quiet. Waited for a story to come, for the last shrill tear of the seagull’s call. Waited for the final shred of warmth from the autumn sun’s rays. In the silent, stirring, yearning depths of herself an unheard song like a hushed whisper […]

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